Coal is a resource in Aggressors: Ancient Rome. Coal is used in cities and blacksmiths and is acquired in coal mines. Using the Economic improvement in blacksmiths and cities will decrease the consumption rate.


Coal deposits are very precious. Without coal the cities would not be able to expand, the population would not grow, and the state would never be able to pay for soldiers and armaments. Coal is obtained from coal mines and mainly used in blacksmiths and cities. By improving cities and blacksmiths with economic improvement, more efficient production methods will be implemented and thus the overall coal usage will decrease.

  • A mine within a 3-tile range from a blacksmith increases its production by 50%, connecting it by dirt road increases the production by 100%, and by paved roads by 150%.
  • Coal shortages can be temporarily bridged by selling or destroying blacksmiths or by capturing a foreign mine.
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