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{| class="wikitable"
! Control !! Key
! Control !! Key !! Control !! Key
| Next unit || Spacebar || Self-heal ||
| Next unit || Spacebar || Self-heal ||

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This page will serve as a basic how to play guide for Aggressors: Ancient Rome. Feel free to edit this guide with any tips, tricks, and suggestions!

Basic gameplay[]


Control Key Control Key
Next unit Spacebar Self-heal
End turn Enter Recover
Go to G Alert
Cancel move Q Move camera further Ctrl -
Attack T Move camera closer Ctrl +
Wait E Move map left Left arrow or A
Build inside B Move map right Right arrow or D
Build facility Ctrl B Move map up Up arrow or W
Heal inside X Move map down Down arrow or S
Repair Ctrl X Zoom in +
Train V Zoom out -
Improve Ctrl V Aggressors Library F1
Emergency aid Z Open State window F2
Fortify F Foreign relations window F3
Load unit H Strategic overview window F4
Unload all Ctrl U List of reports F5
Unload unit U Objective map F6
Unload attack Ctrl T Map item detail window F7
Build road R Apply Player color overlay F8
Build farm I Apply Terrain color overlay Ctrl F8
Upgrade inside Y Supply area F9
Pillage Quicksave F10
Sleep Ctrl E Quick load F11
Destroy bridge Make screenshot F12 (saved to: Start->Kubat Software->Screenshots)
Build bridge Next song Ctrl right arrow
Repair bridge Previous song Ctrl left arrow
Change research Stop music player Ctrl down arrow
Change government Play song Ctrl up arrow
Change capital city Topview Tab
Sell L Switch default action Ctrl
Destroy unit Center on unit C
Change specialization N Skip opponent's moves Spacebar
Destroy road Stop opponent's moves Esc
Raid P Trade overview Ctrl F2
Build town

Tips and tricks[]

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